3 places to eat in Visalia

3 Places to Eat in Visalia

3 places to eat in VisaliaI recently traveled to Visalia for some work and really had no idea where to eat. Often times I go out of town, I try to get some recommendations, but it’s sometimes hard when you don’t have an understanding of where exactly you are, when you don’t travel to that town very often. I tend to put an address in my GPS and follow it to the destination without actually knowing the streets and what side of town I’m on.

After visiting our Wood & Randall office in Visalia a few times, I wanted to take the time to eat at a couple different places and see if they’re any good. I found 3 really great places that are close to our office:

1. Vintage Press –This restaurant, with white linens and an historic feel, offers delicious steak, sirloins, fish and hearty soups. They also have a great lounge for drinks after work.

2. Alejandra’s Mexican Restaurant –This is a delicious, authentic Mexican restaurant that is sure to never disappoint with everything from flautas and burritos. If you decide to go for dinner, you may hear some music while getting a great drink.

3. Marie Calendars– We all should know what Marie Calendars is by now! Really great pies, food and service. MC is walking distance to the office so you can quickly walk to the restaurant and walk back all while working that pie off!


I hope these 3 eateries satisfy you as they do for me! If you have any suggestions on great places to eat in Visalia, email me at [email protected]. I love a great restaurant, café or grab-and-go spot and in turn, love giving our clients the very best recommendations!