3 places to eat in Visalia

3 Places to Eat in Visalia

3 places to eat in VisaliaI recently traveled to Visalia for some work and really had no idea where to eat. Often times I go out of town, I try to get some recommendations, but it’s sometimes hard when you don’t have an understanding of where exactly you are, when you don’t travel to that town very often. I tend to put an address in my GPS and follow it to the destination without actually knowing the streets and what side of town I’m on.

After visiting our Wood & Randall office in Visalia a few times, I wanted to take the time to eat at a couple different places and see if they’re any good. I found 3 really great places that are close to our office:

1. Vintage Press –This restaurant, with white linens and an historic feel, offers delicious steak, sirloins, fish and hearty soups. They also have a great lounge for drinks after work.

2. Alejandra’s Mexican Restaurant –This is a delicious, authentic Mexican restaurant that is sure to never disappoint with everything from flautas and burritos. If you decide to go for dinner, you may hear some music while getting a great drink.

3. Marie Calendars– We all should know what Marie Calendars is by now! Really great pies, food and service. MC is walking distance to the office so you can quickly walk to the restaurant and walk back all while working that pie off!


I hope these 3 eateries satisfy you as they do for me! If you have any suggestions on great places to eat in Visalia, email me at [email protected]. I love a great restaurant, café or grab-and-go spot and in turn, love giving our clients the very best recommendations!

10 places to eat in downtown bakersfield

10 Places to Eat in Downtown Bakersfield

10 places to eat in downtown bakersfield

Are you heading to downtown Bakersfield for a deposition or have a court appearance and are unsure of where to take your client, colleagues or need to grab something yourself?

With so many out-of-town clients visiting Bakersfield, we frequently are asked where to get a great lunch or, on occasion, even dinner. Food is my love language so I took the time to compile a list of different cuisines, order-and-go, or sit-down restaurants that all have some really great food that are sure to not disappoint. So you do not have to do the research, I have got it covered.  These are the places we recommend to our clients.


Quick Lunch

1. Sequoia Sandwich – Sequoia is a great sandwich shop that is popular in the downtown area. This place gets very busy, but thankfully they have a great QwikCafé next door that is a self-service, grab-and-go café if you are not willing to wait in the actual deli.  

2. Too Fat Sandwiches – Another great sandwich shop just one street over from Sequoia. If you are craving that sandwich and do not want to wait in the line at Sequoia, head on over to this Bakersfield local deli that has a one-of-a-kind bread roll that you cannot find anywhere else.

3. Café Smitten – Whether you are popping in for breakfast or for lunch, this café has a good atmosphere with delicious food. This café is great if you like your specialty coffee and unique menu options like a vegan portobello, an avocado smash or quinoa bowls.

4. Locale Farm to Table– The name says it all. If you are conscious about what you are eating, then this is probably the place for you. Vegan? You got it. But they do offer hamburgers and tacos that are delicious. This lunch spot only uses locally sourced ingredients for their meals. 


Dining In Lunch or Dinner

5. The Tower Craft Bar & Grill– If you are in court all day or at our office, head on over to The Tower. It has new ownership.  It is casual, fast and very good. This restaurant is located in The Bell Tower, one block east from court. If you are limited on time and do not like the court’s cafeteria food, then this restaurant is the next best thing as far as proximity.

6. The Nines Restaurant at the Marriott – Not only a great hotel to stay at if you are needing to stay overnight and be close to court, but this restaurant has really great American food. It is across the street from our office and about 2 ½ blocks from the courthouse.

7. Uricchio Trattoria –An Italian restaurant with great service and many options from crab cakes to angel hair pasta to lobster ravioli.  If you love the family-owned Italian feel, this place is a great option for you. This is a place for a full lunch hour, but it is worth it. Dinner is wonderful, too.

8. The Mark – This restaurant is not only open for dinner but is now advertising lunch with good menu options with everything from sandwiches to their amazing filets. They claim you can be in and out within 30 minutes for lunch.    

9. Mexicali – In the mood for Mexican food? Mexicali Downtown is an old established local restaurant and it is very popular. This is a sit-down restaurant that is so fast and delicious, and they have daily lunch specials, too. If you are stopping there for dinner, their margaritas are the best in town!

10. Chef’s Choice Noodle Bar – Last but not least, if you are in the mood for sushi or a Thai and Japanese dish, try the Noodle Bar. This restaurant is a favorite for my family. 

If you choose one of these places, or if you find a new delicious spot, let us know! We would love to pass on other great food recommendations to our clients and we would love a chance to try a new place.  Great food means happy people!

It's 2019 and this is what I know I know

It’s 2019 and this is what I know I know!

It's 2019 and this is what I know I know

I know attorneys, paralegals, and their staff work long and hard on any given case.  An accurate and concise deposition transcript is critical to the furtherance of that case and the case’s ultimate resolution. After 37 years in this industry, this is what I know I know about working with your trusted reporting firm or reporter for the best record possible:

I know that being organized and sharing information with the court reporting firm ahead of any deposition can not only optimize the time spent at the deposition, but it can also help make a more accurate record.  For instance, at the time of booking, send the reporting firm the notice with the proof of service and let them know about any special requests, i.e., the need for an expedite, a realtime request, or even that the deposition could go into the evening.   

I know that reporters, although incredibly talented, can only report one voice at a time.  One of the easiest ways to produce a concise transcript is to avoid and/or try to control any overlap.  I know this is an admonition given at probably every deposition, but once the deposition starts moving along, it is important for everyone to continue to be mindful of this.  At the end of the day, the goal is to have clear questions and clear answers and not have a fragmented record. 

I know that having the reporter in the room with the witness is the best way to proceed.  In the perfect world, the attorneys, witness, and the reporter are all in the same room.  With the uptick of video and teleconferencing, however, the witness and attorneys may not be in the same room.  If it is at all possible, have the reporter in the same room with the witness.  This eliminates any concern regarding the administration of the oath.  Also, remember to plan ahead for exhibits so they are available to all attendees.                             

I also know that using the same reporting firm on a case makes everyone’s life easier.  The reporter(s) gain an understanding of the case, a rapport is built with all involved, orders can be standardized, and exhibit binders, either paper or electronic, can be more easily managed. 

Finally, what I know for sure is that we all appreciate consideration.  I read something funny a few months back on Facebook.  A friend, a fellow reporter, posted on a court reporting group’s page that he, the reporter, had walked into a deposition room on a patent infringement case and the attorney handed him a typewritten list of all the odd terms in the case and then proceeded to bring in lunch.  My friend told the attorney that he was going to post his good deeds on Facebook and that he thought the attorney would get 500 “likes” by the end of the day.  Well, by the end of the day, reporters from around the country were not only “liking” the post, they were passing the hat to send this attorney to the Bahamas.  At the end of the day, there were 748 “likes,” three marriage proposals, and that trip to the Bahamas.  I cannot guarantee you a trip to the Bahamas if you share a word list, but I can say you will have a great transcript and a big thumbs up or a “like” from your reporter.