Travel Stress? Relax…We have a better way!

Travel Stress?  Consider videoconferencing when you need to attend your next deposition or meeting. This service can be a convenient and reliable way to reduce travel costs and increase your productivity.

With high-speed connections and a secure televised link, we provide certified sites with both ISDN and IP connections.  We can also coordinate a videoconference between our office and thousands of other sites in the United States and abroad.

Mobile desktop videoconferencing is also available. Remote Counsel Cameo offers a high quality, reliable, portable videoconferencing solution as well. Cameo is the best choice for portable use because Cameo has the built in security our clients require and deserve.

Both of these options are great for the following:

  • Depositions
  • Expert Consultations
  • Trial and Witness Preparation
  • Mediations and Arbitrations
  • Meetings and Presentations
  • Job Interviews

Call 1-800-322-4595 or email [email protected] to reserve our state-of-the-art videoconferencing facilities today.