Ethics for Paralegals

I was fortunate enough to attend the Bakersfield Womens Business Conference on April 23. What a wonderful experience.

Thanks to Leslie Larson, CLA, from the Law Offices of Young & Nichols, the session I attended entitled “Ethics for Paralegals,” provided a very interesting look at common occurrences facing paralegals and the decisions they have to make every day related to ethics and professional behavior. Leslie did a great job!

Occupying positions of trust, much like lawyers, paralegals are required to observe specific language of ethic rules and embrace the spirit of those rules.

The following is Ethics Defined:

Ethics are standards by which conduct is measured.

A professional is held to a higher ethical standard than is an average person.

Professional ethics are governed by a set of written rules (a code) that establish limits of permissible conduct in the professional contacts with others.

Ethics enhance the integrity of a profession.

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