In an effort to help the environment, Wood & Randall offers our clients the “Green Choice.” Choose to receive paperless transcripts and exhibits electronically on a CD or through our online office. With unlimited and indefinite storage and 24/7 access, our web-based online office is a great tool and great for our forests.

Can you imagine the amount of paper and toner this will save? Think of the space that could be saved by not having to store transcripts and exhibits!

If you make the “Green Choice” and later find you do need a certified copy, one will be provided at no additional charge. If you do need a condensed or mini transcript, we’ll provide that at any time.

Our hope is that our clients will come to recognize the benefits and ease of using electronic transcripts and our online office. With this new complimentary service, Wood & Randall’s goal is to help our firm and our clients make a positive impact on the environment.