Wood & Randall understands the busy professional.  All transcripts are delivered in hard copy with a corresponding PDF package.  The PDF package includes hyperlinked and searchable exhibits, word index, and a condensed transcript.  Additional transcript formats (AMICUS, LEF, ASCII) are included as attachments.  Transcripts are also archived in a HIPAA-compliant repository and are available online 24/7.

Court Reporting

  • Depositions, arbitrations and hearings
  • Telephonic proceedings
  • Interactive realtime
  • Streaming text and/or video
  • Complimentary condensed transcripts and word indices
  • Complimentary exhibit hyperlinking
  • Rough-edit transcripts
  • All transcript formats (ASCII, AMICUS, PDF, etc.)
  • Internet/E-mail delivery
  • Multiparty case management

Litigation Support

Additional Services

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