National Court Reporting & Captioning Week!

National Court Reporting & Captioning Week!

Wood & Randall is proud to be celebrating Court Reporting & Captioning this week from February 10-17 of 2018!

Court Reporting & Captioning Week represents how great and rewarding court reporting, captioning and CART professions are and what feasible career this can be for both men and women. We come across court reporters every day that really love their job and wonderfully represent the profession. We chose to ask some court reporters in honor of this week’s celebration about what they loved about reporting and hear what comes to mind. Some of their answers reflected on why many court reporters start in the first place and why they’re still doing it.


Reporter Dawn Thompson"Every day is different and it’s both challenging and rewarding." –Dawn Thompson, CSR










Reporter Kaitie Holland"I've been trained in a unique career that requires the accuracy and professionalism which only a Certified Shorthand Reporter can provide." – Kaitie Holland, CSR


















Reporter Kelli Russell"I am regularly learning something new." – Kelli Russell, CSR











Reporter Suzanne Hull"Learning something new every day, whether it is vocabulary or software or useless trivia. It keeps my mind active."-Suzanne Hull, CSR
















Reporter Susan Wood"Working with bright, talented attorneys in action and learning about new topics and information. I also love O&10s." – Susan Wood, CSR


















Let’s continue this discussion with individuals around us so we can continue growing these professions! Teach someone around you that’s unfamiliar about these professions and let’s spread the word.

There are an ample amount of career opportunities in the court reporting and captioning professions. If any of this interests you or you think someone around you would be, we highly encourage to look into programs in your area. If you are in the Kern County area check out a program at