Deposition video is powerful and persuasive. Wood & Randall’s experienced in-house team of legal videographers are certified and use state-of-the-art digital equipment with Lavalier microphones.

Wood & Randall’s video department delivers video depositions in a synchronized format with DepoView. If you need clips before trial, just note the transcript segment where a clip is requested and the video department can prepare those for you.

Interested in a more hands-on approach, with DepoView you can do any of the following:

  • View video transcript testimony and create clips for trial
  • Do a keyword search through the transcript
  • Jump quickly to specific video or transcript segments
  • Export synchronized video or clips to PowerPoint, TrialDirector, LiveNote, Sanction, and Summation
  • Export clips for motions and briefs
  • Take a snapshot of a specific frame in the video
  • Email video clips


Travel can be stressful and time consuming for a busy professional.

Wood & Randall offers broadcast quality face-to-face communication with in-house videoconferencing. If you need to meet with anyone in the world, our cost-effective videoconferencing solutions are a great option. Offers include in-house or mobile videoconferencing for remote locations. Enjoy major cost savings and avoid travel stress!

Connect anywhere around the world using Wood & Randall’s network of affordable videoconference rooms from coast to coast and around the world and enjoy these amenities:

  • IP or ISPN Connections
  • High-definition, broadcast-quality technology
  • Secure and encrypted connections
  • Multiple locations simultaneously bridged throughout the world

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